A Rainy Season

The rainy season, often known as the monsoon, is one of the most exciting seasons of the year. Heavy rainfall and mild weather characterize this season. Rains bring with them a sense of quiet and tranquility, and they restore Mother Nature in a variety of ways. There is no other region on the planet where the transition between seasons is as stark as in our nation. We also feel revitalized as the seasons change, and monotony will never strike us by surprise in the shape of the weather. However, owing to the effects of global warming and climate change, three of these six seasons are increasingly prominent. From March to May, there is a hot pre-monsoon season, a wet monsoon season from June to October, and a chilly dry winter season from November to February. Calmness in the summers and a refreshing wind in the winters. The highlight of the day is a quiet time spent with loved ones, savoring the aroma of showers while drinking hot tea. This season offers it everything, from peacocks dancing in the rain to leaping in puddles. After returning home soaked and with mud-strewn clothes, a warm shower soothes the body and prepares it for the next downpour. The sight of water drops falling from the sky brings a smile to everyone’s face. This season is for everyone to enjoy, from a small child to a wrinkled-faced man, because these are the experiences that people love throughout their lives. During the rainy season, the sky is cloudy the majority of the time. Thunderstorms are very frequent. Wells, ponds, rivers, canals, lakes, and other bodies of water begin overflowing as a result of the severe and continuous rains. Lowlands submerge and take on the appearance of a sea. Our agriculture relies heavily on the wet season. It is quite beneficial to us. Farmers await rain with bated breath, as farming is reliant on it. The fields cannot be plowed without rain. Growing paddy and jute requires a lot of rain. Water fills everything, and the lack of water is no longer felt. This season is critical for vegetation development.

After a sweltering summer, the rainy season arrives, making the summer season extremely monotonous and difficult to endure. People encounter a slew of issues, including skin issues, excessive heat, and minor sickness as a result of the heat. Finally, the rainy season arrives just after the sweltering summer, bringing with it plenty of fresh air and pure water. The entire environment is revitalized, and individuals are much more calm. Despite its numerous drawbacks, this season makes our land more fruitful, removes all dust, cleanses the air, and maintains our surroundings green, pleasant, and vibrant. With the arrival of the rainy season, all trees, plants, and crops grow taller. The constant rainfall is beneficial to rainforests. The only disadvantage of the season is that people become ill more frequently and new illnesses emerge. Mosquitoes proliferate and constitute a nuisance to the general public. Nothing, however, compares to the mysterious beauty of rain pattering upon a tin shed. Rain might last for several days at a time. Tanks and ponds that had dried up over the winter and summer seasons have been refilled. Mud is covering the roadways everywhere. People in many communities must go by water from one hamlet to the next. People are unable to leave their homes without an umbrella. Due to the severe downpour, students are unable to attend school. People are unable to look for job. The day employees are forced to go hungry. Water-logging is one of the most serious difficulties for the down areas when there is a lot of rain. All of the water becomes trapped in one location, making it difficult for people to live a regular life. Because of the tremendous rain, a flood may be a major calamity. Many exquisite fruits, such as litchi, peaches, and Pomegranates, are available throughout this season. These fruits are noted for boosting immunity and having a delicious flavor. Poor people suffer greatly during the rainy season, as their huts become damp and soggy. Their dwellings are sometimes washed away by floods. As a result, many individuals become homeless and helpless. Cattle and crops are obliterated as well. Cholera, malaria, and dysentery are among the diseases that emerge. Anyone may be transformed into a romantic poet by sitting next to a window and watching rain. It’s easy to lose track of time when watching rain fall over green trees, farms, and ponds; the beauty is unfathomable. Despite its flaws, the rainy season is extremely beneficial and necessary.