A Report On A Terrible Cyclone At ………(City Name)

Staff Correspondent/ Reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

A terrible cyclone blew over (City name)……. yesterday. It devastated lives and property there. The cyclone took away two lives leaving about a hundred seriously injured. The cyclone hit the area at about 2.30 p.m. The wind with thunderbolts flashes of lightning and heavy rain was blowing violently. It seemed that everything was getting destroyed. Sometimes nature appeared to be less violent, but it was only for a few were moments. The cyclone lasted for half an hour. Later, a scene of havoc houses was seen all around. Many houses were blown away and trees and plants were uprooted. It happened as if a ghost had plundered the whole area. Two young men were found dead under a tin-shed building.

About one hundred people received serious injury. Many collapsed fields of crops have completely been damaged. The loss of livestock is also tremendous. Many people became homeless and robbed of every possession they ever owned. Actually the sufferings of the affected people beggar description. But it is a matter of hope that the government has extended the hands of co-operation to lessen their sufferings.