A Report On Bad Effects Of Using Harmful Chemicals In Foods and Fruits

Staff correspondent/ reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

Now a day’s harmful chemicals are being found in foods and fruits that are causing serious health hazards. Human beings need food to survive. Fruits are the best sources of vitamins. But for more profit, some dishonest traders use deadly chemicals to prevent rot.

Now a day’s using formalin to preserve fruits and foods have become very common. Harmful pesticides such as Aldrin, Chlordane, Endrin, Heptachlor, Ethyl Parathion etc are also being used in food processing and preservation. A recent survey conducted by National Food Safety Laboratory shows that more than 50% of milk and milk products, fish, fruits and vegetables are contaminated with pesticides such as DDT, Aldrin, Chlordane and Heptachlor. By eating these chemical-mixed foods people are falling a victim to cancer, lung damage, loss of appetite, irritability, insomnia, behavioral disorder, and dermatological problems.

It is high time the government took a tough measure to prevent food contamination, otherwise, public health remains at risk.