A Report On Causes Of Student’s Failure In English

Staff correspondent/ reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

Yesterday a seminar was held in (Name of institution)…..school/college auditorium on the causes of student’s failure in English. The Principal of the college Professor …..(Name) was the chief guest, the Vice Principal Professor ……(Name) was the special guest. In the seminar, a paper on the topic was presented by the chairman of the English Department …..(Name). In the paper …..(Name) mentioned three main points about students’ failure in English. Firstly, he/she blames our teaching-learning system. He/she explains that our students read English not to learn the language but to cross the barriers of examination. But in many cases, they can’t cross the bar of the examination. In fact, the students have no good feeling for English. (Name)….. said that most students learn by rote. Nowadays the question pattern has changed. A student needs to understand the question first and then he/she should write the answer. In the examination scripts, most students beat about the bush. As a result, they don’t get marks and a good number of students fail. Again, some students don’t know the techniques on how to answer properly. They don’t know what should the organization of an essay or how to write the last sentence of a paragraph etc. So despite writing much sonic students’ do not get good marks in the examination.

After …..(Name) presentation the chief guest and the special guest spoke. Their speech was highly motivational. In the end the convener of the seminar announced its closing with his vote of thanks. The audiences of the seminar were mainly the students and they were highly pleased attending such a good seminar.