A Report On Consequences Of Drug Addiction: Bangladesh Context

Staff correspondent/ reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

Drug addiction, especially among the youngsters of our country, is rising alarmingly which, experts fear, will bring about devastating consequences for Bangladesh. Youths are taking drugs being frustrated or simply out of fashion. Over the past few years, yaba-taking has spread like cancer. Usually, boys and girls of high society are being addicted to this drug. Once addicted they become derailed and ruin their career.

One of the yaba-addicts says: “Four to five years back, it was rare, but now it’s easily available, you can find yaba everywhere. You can even have the pills delivered to your house, often by poor young children enlisted as couriers.”

Heroin is also a dangerous drug with which our youngsters are being addicted alarmingly. Its price was very high earlier, but now it has been cheaper and easily available. Cocaine, marijuana, ganja addicts are also increasing dangerously.

Drug addiction has increased restlessness in our society. To manage the drug price the addicts often get involved in different crimes including hijacking and looting. Drugs destroy the physical and mental soundness of the users. Once addicted the addicts become feeble, sick and unfit to be engaged in productive activities.

In a word, drug addicts become a burden for their family and for the country in the course of time. So, we should not let the bright future of our youngsters to be ruined into darkness. The govt. as well as all the conscious people should take a concerted effort to save society from the cruel claws of drug addiction.