A Report On Flood Devastated Lives At ……(Village Name)

The recent flood has devastated lives and properties at (Village name)…….. About 80 percent area of the village has been flooded. Loss of lives and properties are immeasurable.

Crops of about 11,000 hectares of land have been completely washed away. The loss of livestock is also tremendous. Very few men and animals have taken shelter in a few flood shelters and in some educational institutions. The major portion is left on the high roads under the open sky. They are suffering seriously for want of food and drinking water. Relief from the govt. is too insufficient to meet the huge demand. Some wealthy persons and local NGOs have come forward with their helping hands, yet relief works are inadequate. The govt. should provide the flood-affected people with emergency relief.

Already 15 persons are reported to be dead due to want of food and shelter. Lack of sufficient flood relief may increase the death toll tremendously.