A Report On Proper Maintenance Needed For Jainta-Jafflong Tourist Spots

Jafflong and Jainta are two attractive tourist spots in the Sylhet division. Jafflong is about 60 km far from Sylhet and Jainta is only 5 km from Jafflong. In Jaffong one can enjoy a rare beauty of rolling stones from hills. It is situated beside the river Mari in the lap of the Khashia hill. Jainta has a historical background. It was the capital of Jainta Kingdom in the 18th century. Jainta Rajbari was the palace of Kings of Jainta, it’s just adjacent to Jainta Bazar. Although a huge number of tourists visit these two spots every day, proper maintenance is lacking here.

First of all the roads leading to the spots are not in good condition. Secondly, for the tourists, there are no good hotels nearby. Again, the tourists especially those who come from abroad are badly vexed by the beggars. Some tourists also fall a victim to the snatchers. One of the tourists from Jafflong told me “When I was away from my group members, three people stopped me. They took my identity card and then robbed me of all my belongings. Within seconds they fled away.” This kind of incidence is bound, to create bad impression. We know that tourism is a very flourishing sector in Bangladesh. If the government takes great care to maintain the tourist spots, it can be a very good sector for the govt. to earn money. In this regard, I urge the govt. to maintain these two tourist spots properly.