A Report On Serious Traffic Jam In Old Dhaka

Staff correspondent/ reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

Serious traffic jam has crippled life in the city of Dhaka during recent times. Especially in the pick hours, traffic jam becomes, intolerable.

With the growth of the population in the megacity, all kinds of transports including mechanized and non-mechanized vehicles are increasing every day. But their traffic management system has not improved at all.

Old Dhaka is the heart of the country considering its large volume of trade and commerce. The streets in this part of the city are very narrow. Too many vehicles are jam-packed here. In the Pick hours of the day, the traffic system in this part of the city totally breaks down. Even the pedestrians are stuck up among vehicles. It is known to all that the main cause of traffic jams in old Dhaka is its narrow streets and Continuous increase in vehicles. Disregarding traffic, rules is another reason.

During a traffic jam, people suffer a lot. People from distant places come to this business place for many purposes. Being stuck in jam, their-suffering knows no bound. The students and the service holders also feel irritated and frustrated in this situation. They cannot reach their respective places in time. The patients-carrying ambulances cannot reach hospitals and clinics in time. Thus many patients die on the way. Above all, traffic jam in old Dhaka is causing serious harm to trade and commerce of the country.

Experts suggest some steps minimize traffic jams. These include the widening of roads, controlling the growth of non-mechanized vehicles, construction of fly-overs and metro service, etc. Creating awareness among people about helping the traffic system is also necessary.