A Report On The Miserable Conditions Of The Slum Dwellers

Staff correspondent/ reporter, (Date :__/__/__):

Many slums can be found in different parts of (Name of the city)…….. city. (Name of the area)…… slum is one of them. It is beside the (Name of the area)…….. Railway/bus station. It is one of the largest slums in (Name of the city)…….city.

Most of the slum-houses here are polythene-built. Some houses are without any roof. They are leading miserable lives. The living conditions of the dwellers are very unhygienic. Their dwelling places are so dirty that they always suffer from various kinds of diseases. They do not get any nutritious and hygienic food. Pure drinking water is not available to them. As a result, they often become affected by various kinds of fatal diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, tuberculosis, jaundice, and typhoid. The slum children suffer from malnutrition. Many of them can’t survive and leave the world untimely.

Rubbish and human waste around the slum is a common scene. While crossing the slum, a passer-by has to use his handkerchief on his nose as stink comes out from it. The slums are also the places of different kinds of crimes. Slum children are used to carrying out different kinds of antisocial activities. Sometimes culprits hide in the slums. The drug business also goes there.

There, maybe a question why should there be slums? It seems that skim people are responsible for their misery. They are also responsible for polluting the environment. But the Govt. and the upper-class people of our society must think about them. They are the citizens of our country. They are the victims of deprivation and exploitation. They have the right to live a good life.’ It is time we took effective measures to rehabilitate them for social peace and prosperity.