A Street Beggar

A man who earns his livelihood by begging in a street is called a street beggar. The street beggar is a common sight in Bangladesh. His life is pitiable and deplorable. He is known to all of us. He stands at the roadside and stretches his hand with a shout for a paisa or a note. He is found all around the towns or cities. He draws people’s attention through appealing in various ways like shouting, singing and so on. He wears torn and patched dress. Some of them are invalid. He wakes up from his sleep at down. He can’t get enough food for his feeding. He has to eat very little food. These foods may be like garbage. Sometimes, if he can get enough from begging then he remains hungry for 1 or 2 or many days. He begs from dawn to dusk and returns home with whatever he gets. With this small income, he supports himself and his family. He is never happy as he always depends upon others help and mercy. He at times begs from door to door. He always suffers from malnutrition and from many kinds of illness. He suffers more and more in the rainy and winter season. So the life of a street beggar is very miserable. We should rehabilitate them in Proper places so that they can lead and live a normal life with a sense of honor. And we should make it possible for the street beggar to take part in economic activities. If we can help them, then they will become an asset to the nation.