A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a small shop where ready tea with some dry foods is served to the customers. It is found in market places, at railway stations, bus stands, lunch or steamer ghats and at every turn of roads and highways. It is also found around offices, near hospitals, around mills and factories as well as educational institutions. It is furnished with a few tables, chairs or long benches. It is neither gorgeous nor luxurious. It is rather an ordinary shop. There is a cash counter where the owner or manager sits to handle the cash. Biscuits, cakes, bread, bananas, betel leaf, cigarettes, etc. are sold here. One or more boys are employed here to serve tea to the customers. It opens early the morning and closes late at night. So people can have tea there at any time. People of different ages and classes come here. Passengers, rickshaw pullers, officials, laborers, passers-by, students, political workers are the customers in a tea stall. The customers come to a tea stall for tea, gossiping and relaxation. Someone reads others discuss politics and other matters. Sometimes people raise a storm over a cup of tea. Thus a tea stall is a noisy and busy place. A tea stall is a meeting place of all types of people and it can play a vital role in making people aware of enjoying their leisure time. Even educated people or rich people who are in a hurry for some business, and have no time to look for a better place for tea are sometimes found in a tea stall. Sometimes gossip-mongers haunt the place, engage themselves in gossips. A tea stall is an important place of social gathering indeed. The tea stall remains busy from early morning till late at night.