Acceptance Letter Format of Resignation from HR Department

Acceptance Letter Format of Resignation from HR Department


Date: xx-xx-xx


Name: XYZ

(Company/Organization Name)


Subject: Acceptance Letter of Resignation from Human Resource Department

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had received your resignation yesterday on my table in the morning. I was really shocked to see that you are removing yourself from the seat that you deserved the most! I formerly appointed you on this seat after very careful scrutiny and observation of my staff members. I thought of you being the perfect person befitted to the job of human resource department as you were very famous in your fellows and I had never received any complaint of any type from non-staff people as well! Your public dealing was impressive ad you hold good reputation in the eyes of people as far as my observation and calculation is concerned.

I am in consternation that you left the seat based on the issues of your personal observation and personality clashes. I accept your resignation and welcome you on the previous seat of yours.


Name: ZZZ


(Company/Organization Name)