Acid Throwing

Acid throwing is one of the most heinous crimes. It is increasing day by day. In our country, nowadays we read about the incidents of acid throwing in the dailies. Usually, the young boys, mostly unemployed, throw acid. Sometimes, the dowry hunter husbands throw acid to their wives. In most cases, it is seen that women and children are the worst victims of acid throwing. The most common types of acid used in these attacks are sulfuric and nitric acid. Hydrochloric acid is sometimes used but is much less damaging. Aqueous solutions of strongly alkaline materials, such as caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), are used as well, particularly in areas where strong acids are controlled substances. The Incident of acid throwing takes place for mainly two reasons. One is family enmity, another one is the rejection of love. If two families fall into enmity on different issues, often one of them takes the path of savage vengeance and throws acid on the women and children of the opponent side. Again, if any youth is rejected in his love by the girl he loves, he also may throw acid on the girl. The acid victims suffer from an unbearable pain as the skin of the acid thrown part-of the body gets burnt. In Bangladesh, throwing acid has been labeled as a “gender crime”, as there is a dominance of female victims who are assaulted by males, for the reason of refusing to marry, or refusing sexual advances from male perpetrators. The government must take punitive action against the acid throwers. The involved criminal should be tried in a summary trial and must be awarded the death sentence. As of 2013, the three nations with the most noted incidence of acid attacks, Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia were ranked 75th, 101st, and 104th, respectively, out of 136 countries on the Global Gender Gap Index, a scale that measures equality in opportunities between men and women in nations. Government, non-government and socio-cultural organizations should come forward to launch a campaign against this crime. Awareness among the people should be raised against acid throwing.