Adversity Taste Bitter but Sweet Indeed

Adversity Taste Bitter but Sweet Indeed

Adversity means danger or misfortune. There are ups and downs in life. But most of the time what attracts our attention most is the adversity that we have to face. Happiness, actually, is dependent on how we translate reality into our inner feeling. Adversity is a must, and, therefore, we must try to be happy in all types of adversity. Some people get weakened when they face adversity. They will lose courage and self-confidence. Adversity in a way is a teacher which teaches us to be patient, to be strong and courageous and patient.

Adversity gives us the qualities of courage, patience, tolerance, and wisdom. In fact, the happiness of life is dependent not only on the exuberance on livelihood but also on the attitude we possess toward it. It depends on our experience of reality. Nobody can avoid adversity, but he or she must overcome it by going through it. It is perhaps because our feeling and attitude are relative in a sense. If likewise, there were no adversity in life, we could not perceive the intensity and sweetness of happiness. Thought from this point of view, adversity can be considered a boon.

We can explore further the uses of adversity in life. The world is very complicated. Our interaction with society and the environment is, consequently, very sophisticated. Here, we must proceed towards the future in light of the experience we gathered in the past.  The manly confrontation of what we call adversity gives us experience and strength. Such experience produces in us an awareness of what may occur in life. Thus we can get prepared in advance to take the challenge of any incident that may come later.

History promulgates the extraordinary success of those nations which have undergone harsh realities and bravely faced them. When misfortune comes to us, we should calmly try to understand similar misfortunes in the future. It is, undoubtedly, their brave confrontation of the adversities that have made them fit for the sweet results they are enjoying now.

We can learn good lessons from adversity. Adversity is a good teacher. So, adversity itself may taste bitter, but its uses are very sweet indeed.