Announcing the Startups Pitching at TC Early Stage

This Thursday and Friday, TechCrunch will host an early stage – a virtual bootcamp for early stage founders. Following the success of the spring event, on Friday, TC will present 10 great startups on the virtual stage. Hail across the state and around the world, the founder will pitch live for five minutes, followed by an intense Q&A with a panel of our expert judges. The judges for the pitch will be Ben Sun (Primary Venture Partners), Doug Landis (Emergency Capital), Leah Sullivan (Fuel Capital) and Shardul Shah (Index Ventures).

Unlike last time, there will be no final round. There will be only one chance to impress the judges and viewers of each organization! All right, all right. I know you want to see Katie cut. Join us on Friday, July 9 to see the TC Early Stage pitch-off for the second time. Let’s take a look:

MeTero (City of Industry, CA, USA) – “The world’s first advanced ingredients company that partnered with food companies and farmers to create home compostable, single-use plastic-alternative packaging materials made from plant-based agricultural waste jointly – it One of the first kind of approach. Press Sports App (Atlanta, GA, USA) – A lifelong sports social network for athletes from all levels and sports. Their deeply engaged community is starting at the amateur level and creating a record system that has never been created before.

Snowball Wealth (San Francisco, CA, USA) – Provides personalized guidance on how to pay off debt and build wealth for 30M women with students in the United States. Snowball offers users a free student loan plan, which helps users save an average of $ 6K dollars. They are expanding to include a community-driven and personalized financial roadmap so that women can create wealth even after their payments have been made.

 My Expat Tax (Vienna, Austria) – MyExpatTax is the leading U.S. expat tax software that provides users with faster and more affordable guidance than other competitors in the industry through the tax filing process. It automates international tax treaties and non-tax benefits, helps U.S. expatriates comply and demands a refund of thousands of dollars.