Apology Letter Format for Delay in Service Delivery

Apology Letter Format for Delay in Service Delivery

Date: xx-xx-xx

Dear Valued Customer,

We got your e-mail as a complaint for delay in our delivery process last week. I am writing this mail as an apology for the inconvenience you had to face by our delivery staff. We duly apologize for not satisfying you properly and we assure you that this will not happen again. We are taking steps in order to get all the details about this delay in delivery. Because of these measures we will be able to find the root cause and then we will find a solution to it to make sure that no further delays will be made. Moreover, we are sending you a complimentary gift as an apology so that you remain our valued customer. Our customers are our assets and this is our foremost priority that we satisfy our loyal customers.

You are a regular and loyal customer of our store and I will personally make sure that I provide you the best service possible. We will be really happy to serve you with even better services in future with more effective and efficient services from our staff. We thank you for your patience and we assure you that such kind of problem will not happen again in future as we have already started the investigation about the delay in service. We hope that you accept our sincere and humble apologies and we hope to see you in our store soon.

Thank you,

Customer Service Department

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