Apology Letter Format from School to Parents

Apology Letter Format from School to Parents

Date: xx-xx-xx

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for showing trust at (School/Institute Name) for your child’s education and better future.

Let us assure you that we gave your application a very careful review before making this difficult decision. We have received numerous applications from various parents who have showed similar interest in our institution as you regarding their child. However, our institution is required to work under its rules and regulations when selecting which child should be given admission at this institution.

As stated, this institute has a rule of offering admission to children in nursery group ages between three and a half to three years old. As your child doesn’t fall under this age requirement, we have to deny your child’s admission at (School/Institute Name) with a heavy heart.

However, accommodations can be made in the future if any space becomes available, which the institute will let you know if such circumstances occur. Meanwhile, we are very sorry to share this very disappointing news with you. We are sure your child’s presence at this institute would have been a delight.

Once again thank you showing interest in our institution. Our warm wishes are with your child future.


(School/Institute Name)