Apology Letter Format to Boss for Late Coming

Apology Letter Format to Boss for Late Coming

Date: dd-mm-yy



(Company/Organization Name)

Subject: Apology Letter for Coming Late in Office

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is stated with due respect that I came late to office on the morning of (Day/Date) because I had met with a minor road accident. The day was misty and due to lack of sufficient light I could not see the bicycle coming towards me and rammed straight into it. The boy fell from the cycle which landed on top of him. I quickly came out of the car to inspect what had happened to him. Even though the boy was not severely injured I thought it best to take him to the doctor as a religious as well as humane obligation. It took me a lot of time to reach the hospital and when I did I had to assist the boy in walking. He had twisted his ankle and was having trouble in walking.

The hospital procedure was too lengthy and tiresome to be dealt with. The doctor also took a great deal of time to examine him. After the doctor had inspected the wounds of the child he asked me to procure some enlisted medicines from the nearby store which costed me yet another fifteen minutes. After the ointment had been carefully applied to his throbbing ankle the boy went to sleep. Since I could not leave the young boy alone I was obliged to call his family members. As soon as his family members arrived I rushed to the office. But by the time I reached office I was fairly late from the designed office hours. On the account of my previous office record of punctuality I expect a lenient concern from your gracious self.

Thanking in Anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,