Application for Arrangement of a Special Debating Contest

Application for Arrangement of a Special Debating Contest


The Principal/Dean,

School/College/University name….


Subject: Arrangement of a special debating contest

Dear Sir,

With due respect I submit that I am a student of (subject and department name….) of your school/college/university. I am regular debater, and have represented our School/College/University at some vital inter-collegiate debates. I am vice president of the School/College/University debating society.

I have an idea, which many students have supported of holding a special debate between students and teachers on the subject’ Ways of teaching and how to improve them’. This debate if held, will give a chance to student speakers to converse the problems and difficulties of our students in classrooms and to present some solutions for them. The teachers can also present their problems ad recommend better ways of teaching and of understanding their lectures.  Those teachers who have visited foreign countries can evaluate ways of teaching here with those abroad. They can also discuss the conditions in which these ways of teaching can be improved.

There can be judges at the debating contest to give away prizes to the best speakers.

I hope you will kindly permit other debaters and me to make arrangements for holding this debate. Your views at the debate will be specially valued.

Yours Obediently,


Subject and Department….

Roll-No/Registration no….

Vice President Debating Society