Application Format for College Leaving Certificate

Application Format for College Leaving Certificate

The Principal/Dean,

College Name….



Subject: Application for College Leaving Certificate



With utmost respect it is stated that I am student of (department and subject) in this college. It is to inform you that I applied abroad in (University name) for my studies and luckily I have got admission there along with scholarship. For this, I have to leave to (abroad City name) on priority basis and unfortunately I am not able to continue studies at your prestigious place. I was honored to be a student in this institution but I hope you can understand that I cannot miss this golden opportunity.

It is requested that kindly issue my college leaving certificate as soon as possible so that, I can head towards abroad. I shall be highly beholden.


Thanking you ahead of time.


Yours Obediently,

Student Name….

Department and Subject name…

Contact no….