Application format for Canteen Contract in School or College

Application format for Canteen Contract in School or College

[This is a sample request Letter to principal for opening a canteen. It is a briefly described Canteen Contract letter format. You can also follow this format as Canteen proposal letter. You can customize this letter as per your requirements.]


The Principal,

School/College name…

School/College Address…

Sub: Letter for Opening a Canteen


With all due respect it is humbly submitted, we (Company name, e.g., ABC Brothers) came to know from the campus Coordinator (Name), about the vacancy of a Canteen Admin aiming for Canteen Contract (session 20XX-20XX) in your (Institute name and campus name).

Sir, it is to highlight that we (ABC Brothers) are already providing canteen services to (Other institutes name), Township branch from last 3/5 years. By Almighty’s grace, we have maintained a good standard of providing canteen services to not only Township branch of (Other institutes name) but we are also providing canteen services to a chain of Educator school’s in different vicinities in (Area/City name).

Sir, our specialties include hygienic food delivery, a variety of food items, On-time delivery, cafeteria cleanliness, and well-behaved staff. We have Food Authority permit letter (Sr-No 000-111-222) and Appreciation letter (ISO-20xx) for maintaining our hygienic standards.  We are also providing catering for all school held functions and parties.

Sir, kindly fixes a meeting scheduled for us to visit you and show your food brochure and detailed package.  Looking forward to a positive favor to us over other parties.

With Regards,


(Canteen and catering services)