Application Format for New Induction of Teachers

Application Format for New Induction of Teachers


The Chairman/HR Admin/Registrar

Institute name…

City name and Address….

Subject: Request Application for New Induction of Teachers

With due esteem it is respectfully stated that in the next month the school is in running form as it is equipped with essential furniture and paper documentations (registers, syllabus, fee structure, duty registers, copy counter register etc.)

The school has achieved the strength of (number of students) students and in (how many sections), each wing has given three/five sections. According to the rule, per class needs three/five teachers other than sports, library, music and arts teachers. We are rather short of teachers for running the new school arrangement and for that cause we want a new initiation of teachers in the following order:

  • Pre-Wing = Graduation
  • Junior -Wing = Graduation + Masters
  • Middle-Wing = Masters

Kindly confirm the schedule of new induction as soon as possible. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,



Date with sign….