Application Format for Remission of Fine

Application Format for Remission of Fine


The Principal/Register…

School/College/Institute name…



Subject: Application for remission of fine


Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am student of (Class…) in this school/College. I want to bring your kind consideration towards my issue. I have always been a punctual student as well as topper of my class. I have also got (position name) in my send ups exams. Sir, I was not able to pay my school fee of the last month as my father was not in the city (show your causes…). I also informed the school/college management concerning this.

My father is back and he has paid my fee but unfortunately, I have been charged a fine of (amount of money…) for late fee submission. Sir, I belong to a poor family and my expenses are already too much. Under these conditions paying this fine would be massive pressure on my family. Sir kindly remits my fine as I truly have a real reason. I shall be highly grateful to you in this regard.


Thanking You I Remain.


Yours obediently,


Roll number:….and Section….