Application For Opening An English Language Club

Date: 00 Month: …. Year: 0000

The Principal,

ABCD School/College, (Name of Institution)


Subject: Application for opening an English language club.


With due respect, I on behalf of the students of class 00 of your school/college would like to draw your kind attention that we badly feel the necessity of an English language club in our institution. Ours is a very old and big school/college in the city. It is reputed for better education, good results, and co-curricular activities. We enjoy almost all modern academic facilities here except for a language club. A language club is a useful part of education. Today English is called the global language because it is widely taught, spoken, and used almost in every corner of the world. An English speaking person can get a good job at any corner of the world. The books on higher education are written in English and all the information in computer and the Internet is also in English. International relations and co-operation are not possible without English. A language club can play a vital role in developing the four skills of a language by holding Bangla and English discussions, debates, and seminars. An English language club will help us to practice conversation in English and thus we can improve in English. Now we badly need a language club in our institution.

In the circumstances, we hope that you would be kind enough to open an English language club as soon as possible.

I remain,


Yours obediently,

XYZ, (Name of Student)

Class: 00,

On behalf of the students of ABCD School/College.