Application for Semester Freeze

Application for Semester Freeze

The Dean/Registrar,

University name….


Subject:  Application for Semester Freeze (Due to Shifting / Going Abroad)


With due respect it is stated that I am (name…) studying in (Subject and department…) and my registration number is ……. I want to inform you that you know internship is necessary for our professional ground. I applied for internship in (Country name and institute name…) and that is accepted. It is a golden opportunity for me.

I have to go abroad for (12 months/18 months) and due to this action of mine, I won’t be capable to continue my semester studies. So, I want you to freeze my semester for this year. I will be able to continue it next year.

Kindly accommodate me and I shall be highly grateful for this act.

Thanking you I remain.

Yours obediently,


Subject and department……