Application to Chairman of Union Council for Construction of a Bridge

Write an Application to the Chairman of your Union Council for the Construction of a Bridge over a Canal in Your Locality.

Date: dd/mm/yy


The Chairman,

Daulatpur union Council, Daulatpur.

Subject: Prayer for construction of a bridge


With due respect and honor we, the people of the village (name…), beg to bring to your kind notice that the canal near the market and the Boy’s and Girl’s high schools has become a problem to the people of the locality. It has become wide and deep. So it is not possible to cross it on foot even in the dry season. Hundreds of people including boys and girls have to cross the canal daily for different purpose. Girl students can’t attend school for several months. So construction of a bridge on this canal has become urgent.

In view of the above facts, we pray and hope that you would kindly look into the matter and take immediate steps to construct a bridge over the canal.

Yours faithfully,


On behalf of the people of (village name….)