Brain Drain

The migration of meritorious, skilled and experienced people from one country to another is called brain drain. Lured by the charms of developed countries bright boys and girls leave their poor native lands and go abroad and after finishing their higher studies settle there. Brain drain, also known as a human capital flight, can occur on several levels. Often, expert doctors, scientists, and engineers go abroad and work there for fat salaries and better service conditions. Organizational and industrial brain drain is usually a byproduct of a rapidly evolving economic landscape in which companies and industries unable to keep up with technological and societal changes lose their best workers to those that can. Brain drain is a great loop for every country as there is always the scarcity of skilled and talented people. There are many reasons for talented people’s leaving the country. First of all, is the alluring offer which the developed countries give. Secondly, our country cannot provide suitable jobs for those skilled and expert people. Owing to this brain drain the home country becomes loser as it is deprived of the services of its better people. This happens when these people settle there permanently. But if they work there for a limited period and send money to their native land then the country is also benefited by getting foreign exchange. And if the intelligent and skilled people leave the country for good then the poor native land becomes poorer indeed by losing its better sons. But disregarding the lure of high salary and better living conditions some people stay home and work for the betterment of the motherland and they are the real patriots.