A Bus Stand

A bus stand is a place where buses start and stop. Buses stay here for a few minutes. It is a very busy place because passengers get into buses and get down from here. Generally, a bus stand is situated at the side of a busy place, market, school, factory, and recreation center, etc. A bus stand is always noisy. There are road-side tea stalls, small shops, small restaurants, etc. Some people sell betel leaves, cigarettes, tea, seasonal fruits, etc.  Some bus stops are big and some are very small. There may be waiting for shelters for the passengers at the busy bus stands, in big cities. But in most cases, people wait under the open sky. A bus stand is always a crowded place in the city. In the big bus stops the serial of buses is maintained for starting. There are ticket counters in some important bus stands. Maximum bus stops have no sanitation facilities. Very few bus stops have these facilities. Besides, a few beggars often stay here to beg to the passengers.  The place of a bus stand remains crowded almost all hours of the day. When the buses stop or start, the conductors and helpers shout to get on buses and get down buses. A bus stand is always busy for movement. None stays a long time there. It is a public gathering place. At the time of the general election, this place becomes more busy for the canvass. Various types of hawkers are seen in the bus stand. Most of the hawkers shut to sell bread, biscuits, chocolates, etc. Some hawkers sell books, newspapers, magazines, etc. A bus stand usually remains dirty and uncared. It, however, plays a key role in the communication sector of the country. So, the bus stand is the most important and essential place for the people at large. However, this place is very important for daily movement.