Condolences Speech at a Funeral

Condolences Speech at a Funeral

[Below briefly focus on sample Condolences Speech at a Funeral. Letters of sympathy and condolences are personal, and so you should first mention the name of the person you are addressing. Delivering a funeral speech can be a daunting task. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]

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Condolences Speech at a Funeral –

I am sorry but I can’t be formal today as you notice I am not even wearing a black tie just like the all of you sitting here. First and foremost I thank you all for being here. (Describe in your words). It was really hard for me to prepare this speech, I remember getting it wet a couple of times and then writing it over and over again just because every time I would try writing this speech his laughing face would just pop up in my head. I would cry and ruin the paper. (Explain your feelings).

I feel; I have indeed lost a soul mate, someone who understood me more than I understand myself, someone who actually cared for me and not just say it. (Describe your relation with Funeral person). I know that his face is the face I would never ever see again. I won’t ever hear his voice ever again, never see him laugh. A man loses his integrity the day he loses his life partner, and a man loses his soul in the abyss the day he loses one of his friends. (Explain your sadness).

(Funeral person name) was a great person, always helpful, always caring, and always the first one to stand up to situations. Apart from having a great personality (Funeral person name) absolutely loved to help people around him. I once remember how he and I walked out of the restaurant with dinner in our hands and David happened to see a homeless man sitting in the corner of the alley. (Describe all about the situation). (Funeral person name) randomly walked up to him, handed over our dinner, didn’t say a word, and when he turned back, saw me with suspiciousness in my eyes (Funeral person name) exclaimed: “He needed that more than us”. I was shocked and proud at the same time; at least someone was actually doing something and bringing a change to this world. (Describe your expectation regarding Condolence Speech).

(Funeral person name) loved children; he and I sometimes had disputes over this. He had the kind of personality that you would go with anywhere, risk anything and still not care, knowing (Funeral person name) is always here to keep your back. (Cordially describe all about the situation). Not for me, not for you, not for this country, For (Funeral person name)!

I miss you brother.

Thank you.