Courtesy is a term which can be explained and interpreted in various ways. Courtesy actually means polite dealing in a civilized society. It is said courtesy costs nothing but earns a lot. “Courtesy costs nothing but pays a huge dividend” is an apt maxim which has been guiding mankind through all the stages of civilization.” A man without a sense of courtesy” says the great essayist and moral teacher, Francis Bacon, “is an animal with human form.” One needs a sensible heart and a genial temperament to be courteous to his fellow beings. Like many other Attributes, courtesy can also be acquired by mere habit only. There are some families where the members of all ages are very polite. They are so because they are trained up that way from their very childhood. The children imitate courtesy from their elders. Courtesy, as a matter of fact, is a term that embraces every walk of life and concerns all of us. Each of us is normally bound with one or other forms of curtest. We have to show courtesy, on one part to elders while they, on their part too, maintain certain principles of courtesy to be extended to their young ones. That is why the cult of courtesy is governed by the principle of “give and take”. It is the key point of success in case of many professionals. A physician or a pleader can easily win the hearts of his clients by simply behaving well with them. Sometimes a mere ‘Hello’ or how do you do?’ can do miracles. It is believed that the Japanese appeared in the business world with one great capital courtesy. It worked much more than their genius, intelligence, skill and even capital itself.

Another form of courtesy which is generally ignored by us is that of “thanking” and saying “Please” If someone offers you a cup of tea before you accept it, you should say “thank you.” Even if you do not want to drink it, you should say.” Thank you, but I do not drink tea.” Similarly, people also refuse to use the word “Please” which as a matter of fact costs nothing. It also has a tremendous impact on the other person. So courtesy is a great asset and we should cultivate it and practice it in our dealings with others.