Dog or Cat – Which Pet would you choose and why?

To choose a dog or a cat as a pet, that is interesting. I remember this saying ‘A dog is man’s best friend’. That common saying may contain some truth, but to me, a cat is a better friend. I am one of those people who enjoy the companionship of cats.

Firstly, cats are affectionate. I like my pets to be affectionate. They will snuggle up and want to be petted or scratched under the chin. If I have a pet cat, I cannot resist doing that. I just love a purring cat. I can think of nothing more interesting than playing with cats. They are generally quite playful. They love to chase balls and feathers or just about anything dangling from a string. They especially enjoy playing when their owners are participating in the game.

Contrary to what people think of cats as being impossible to train, cats can be trained. By using rewards and punishments, just like with a dog, a cat can be trained to do what we want it to do. It can be trained to avoid unwanted behavior or perform tricks too. Cats can even be trained to fetch our newspaper, for instance.

Moreover, cats are civilized members of the household. Unlike dogs, cats do not bark or make other loud noises. They generally lead a quiet existence. Cats also do not often mess up the place. Mother cats train their kittens to use the litter box and most cats will use it without fail from that time on.

One of the most attractive features of cats as housepets is that they are easy to care for. Cats do not have to be walked. They get plenty of exercise in the house as they play and they do their business in the litter box. Cleaning a litter box is a quick and painless procedure.

As cats take care of their own grooming by licking themselves especially after a meal, bathing a cat is almost never necessary. In fact, cats are more particular about personal cleanliness than people are. In this aspect, they differ from dogs. Dogs like to run around and mess themselves up with the garbage outside their homes. For this reason, I find them dirty animals.

Another benefit of keeping cats is that they can be left home alone for a few hours without fear. Unlike some pets, most cats will not destroy the furnishings when left alone. They are content to go about their usual activities until their owners return.

Finally, cats are low-maintenance civilized companions. People who have small living quarters or less time for pet care should appreciate these characteristics of cats. Cats do have claws and owners must make provision for this. A tall scratching post in a favorite cat area of the house will often keep the cat content to leave the furniture alone.

So considering these benefits of keeping pet cats, I prefer to choose them as pets. I always tell my friends this: no pet dog for me.