Duties of a Student

The first and foremost duty of a student is to study. Besides this, every student should do some social work for the development of society. Student life is the best time for a man’s life. A student should have many qualities which will attract others to follow him/her. A student must be well-disciplined, well-behaved. He/she should be respectful of his/her superiors. He/she must be upright and truthful in his/her activities. A student should try to develop his/her moral character. The duty of a student should not be limited to learning only. He/she should be neat and clean and take proper care of his/her health. He/she should perform some social work to develop society. A student can play an important role to remove illiteracy to wipe out insanitation and remove superstitions and social evils. We may call a student an ideal student when he/she will possess the above qualities. He/she should also develop the habit of helping others. Bangladesh is a natural calamity-phone country. Flood visits almost every year in our country. So the students can extend their helping hand to the flood-affected people. They can collect dilly necessaries from the wealthy people and then they can give them to the victims of the devastating flood. Besides he/she must not be selfish. A selfish man is harmful to society. It is, therefore a student should learn how to do good to others.