Duties of Student

Duties of Student

The period of time which is spent in an educational institution for acquiring knowledge and experience is called student life. Students have many duties. This is the most important period for a student because it prepares him for his future life. The most important duty of a student is to study. But he has other duties as well. Students must perform their duties and responsibilities in order to make their future life successful and meaningful.

There is a saying in Sanskrit that “Study is the chief preoccupation of a student”. To be a worthy citizen and leader of tomorrow, a student must gather all the knowledge and wisdom that books can offer. Besides textbooks, he has to read newspapers, magazines and other useful books that can increase his knowledge, ability, and experience. He should prepare himself for the struggle of life. He should be careful about the proper use of this period of life.

Students should render some social service. Ours is a poor country beset with problems. Students will have to realize this situation and do something to improve the condition. They can easily give some voluntary service to remove illiteracy from the country. They can teach them in night schools or in community schools. During the holidays they can go out for a campaign to make the illiterate people aware of the importance of education. Duties of students can be divided into four categories: (1) Duties to themselves, (2) Duties to the family, (3) Duties to the society and the (4) Duties to the humanity.

Students can alleviate the suffering of the people during natural calamities. During severe floods or tidal surge, they can collect funds and distribute these among the victims. They can stand by the homeless and the distressed and can take part in relief operations. He can teach them about family planning, health, nutrition, children rising and scientific method of cultivation, etc. He should participate in debates and discussions. He should be loyal and helpful to his friends and classmates. He must also avoid the evil company. He must be honest in life.

Students are the future hope of a nation. That is why our rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam said: “We are the strength, we are the force, and we are the students”. In fact, today’s students are the future leaders of a country. So; it is important for the students to perform their duties so that they can equip themselves well with their skill, knowledge, and experience. A student should bear in mind that if he does not perform his duties in time, he would suffer in the long run.