Every File The CIA Have On UFOs Has Just Been Released By The Black Vault

In December, Donald Trump signed into law a $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief and government funding bill. It guarantees that the US intelligence service, from the FBI to the CIA, will force Congress to disclose everything about anonymous flying objects (UFOs). Well, these two sentences do not necessarily follow from each other so if you are unfamiliar with U.S. politics, stay with us. The Expenditure Bill contained the Intelligence Approval Act for 2021, and hidden in its depth a clause that called on intelligence chiefs to submit a report (also known as “inconsistencies”) to Congressional Intelligence and Armed Services Committees on anonymous aircraft incidents within 180 days airborne Vehicles ”), Observed Airborne Objects Not Detected “including.

Every File The CIA Have On UFOs Has Just Been Released By The Black Vault

They will need to “determine the potential space or other threats posed by an unknown aerial event to national security and whether this unknown aerial phenomenon can be blamed on one or more foreign opponents”, all of which seem quite spicy.

If you cannot wait so long for the files in the UFO, we have more good news: you can now download everything on record about the CIA. In addition, as it turns out, it is a lot before they forced to leave the rest of Congress. Every file declared by the CIA so far can access through The Black Vault. The company has been working to publish the files since 1996 and finally they are here and ready to access the easily searchable PDF format. These files include documents relating to a mysterious explosion that tore through the roofs and left a 28-meter (91-foot) hole in Sasavo, Russia, before a “strange roar” and a “burning sphere.”

Black Vault said on its website “although the CIA claims it is their ‘complete’ collection, there is no way to fully verify it.” In fact, it looks like some documents have been redacted, or at least the information that is related to some interesting files has been omitted. John Greenwald Jr., who founded Black Vault and fought for decades to publish UFO records, told Motherboard that he was doing it because “simple and common, people have a right to know!”

He believes there are some of the files he has received, read, and released to the public on UFOs. “I feel like I’m achieving what I want to do,” he told Motherboard. “Easy access important things people to make up their own minds about what is going on.”