Experience Letter Format for Human Resource Manager

Experience Letter Format for Human Resource Manager


Date: xx-xx-xx


To Whom It May Concern


It is stated that (Name: XYZ) has been a part of our company/organization for the last four years. During his/her service time, he/she has been a well-mannered, hardworking and motivated employee. He/She has always been successful in achieving the targets and goals within the required time. His/Her friendly behavior has made him/her everyone’s favorite in the office. He/She has also been awarded the best employee of the month twice. His/Her immense hard work in the field of HR department makes him/her perfect and suitable for the position of senior Human Resource Manager in your company/organization. He/She has perfect knowledge about HR policies and rules and regulations. He/She has also attended many seminars of HR and he/she is also a Certified Human Resource Management Professional. He/she has left our office on his/her own accord.


I wish him/her best for his/her future and May he/she achieves all his/her goals successfully.




(Designation/Position Name)

(Company/Organization Name)