Experience Letter Format for Lecturer

Experience Letter Format for Lecturer


Date: xx-xx-xx


To Whom May It Concern


It is to certify that (Name: XYZ) has been working in our college/university for the past three years. During this time, he/she has been a role model for the whole staff. He/She was a very hard working, active and organized lecturer. He/She was also nominated for the best lecturer (Year) in our college/university. Apart from his/her hard work and devotion, he/she has also a very pleasant personality. Moreover, his/her truthfulness and sincerity towards his/her job made him/her the most favorite lecturer among the students as well as the other lecturers. I wish him/her luck in his/her future and thank him/her for his/her contribution at our institute.


Yours Faithfully,


The Head of Department,

(College/University Name)