Experience Letter Format for Receptionist

Experience Letter Format for Receptionist


Date: xx-xx-xx

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to certify that (Name: XYZ) has provided his/her services to the company/organization from (Date) to (Date), that is a working tenure of four years. During his/her time span with us he/she has always been dedicated to his/her work. His/Her command over his/her job is good enough. He/She possess great communication style along with personality which is essential requirement at the front desk. He/She has good command to handle phone exchange. He/She is very polite and hardworking.

Along with being a receptionist he/she also took interest in other office tasks including report making and record keeping. He/She also served as Stage Secretary in many occasions. We hope that he/she will definitely succeed in the field where he/she will move on. Wish him/her blessed career ahead.


(Designation/Position Name)

(Company/Organization Name)