Explanation letter to the Donor about how to Spend Donations

Explanation letter to the Donor about how to Spend Donations

[This is a sample Explanation letter to the Donor about how to Spend Donations. You can follow this sample explanation letter to the donor that how we spend donations to get more donation from the donor. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]


Respected Donor name…

Job designation/Business type…

Company/Institute name…


Sub: Explanation letter about how to Spend Donations

Dear Sir/Name,

Thank you very much for your call regarding information about donation/zakat spending at (Institute/Foundation name). I am very happy to write this email because only a few people ask about such details. (Describe in your own words). (Institute/Foundation name) is one of the largest institutes for primary education (Type of company) and special education in (City or country) with state of the art two campuses with facilities on international standards. We are catering more than 500/1000 students (More/less) in our two campuses and 40/60% (More/less) of them are totally free while the remaining 20/35% are highly subsidized. (Explain the actual cause and situation).
Most of the children are zakat deserving and we are very careful about spending zakat and donations separately and we also make sure the spending is only for the needy. (Cordially describe your expectation). (Institute/Foundation name) Spends (Money Amount) per month per child for the following services as per their needs:
  • Educational Assessment
  • Computer Education
  • Physio Therapy and Hydro Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupation Therapy
  • Vocational Training
  • Kitchen Training
  • And many more which can be seen in a visit.

You can send your contribution as sponsorship of the students because this is the best and direct utilization of zakat/donations on the needy students. I think my writing isn’t enough to understand our services for deserving Children. (Cordially describe your requirements).

But seeing is believing so I will request you to spare some of your time and visit as (Institute/Foundation name) to our Head Office (Address and area name) any time during (Time to time) from (Date to Date). I am sure you will feel the amazing work (Institute/Foundation name) is carrying forward for this most neglected noble cause of Education in our country.

I will be very happy to provide any further information that you may require from AH Foundation. Further If required I can visit or send our brochures with complete information.

Looking for your contribution.

Warm Regards,

Your name…

Job Designation…

(Institute/Foundation name)