My Favorite Hobby “Fishing”

A hobby is nothing but a gentle and pleasant occupation designed to take the tired brain off the burden of the main task. It is not one’s main business or occupation; it is an alternative mental occupation. I believe that every person should have a hobby, because, without a favorite occupation, it’s just boring to live. Hobby helps to develop a person, because, while doing what he likes, a person always strives to learn something new about his favorite occupation, often communicates with other people who are addicted to the same thing. A person who has a hobby tries to read. Everyone has a favorite hobby. I have also a favorite hobby. My favorite hobby is fishing. Fishing is an interesting hobby. To become a good fisherman, you need to know a lot and be able to. I enjoy fishing when I am free. I was started to fishing by my father when I was 10 years old. The first time I did it, I felt interested. It is a delightful pastime. We go fishing often to different places, sometimes even to places where we have never been, and these are the most interesting trips because there is uncertainty ahead of us. We carefully plan each trip. First, we choose places for fishing, find out which fish are found there and how to catch them, then mark the route on the map, and only then start to plan the collection of things. But it is a means of livelihood to many people of our country. Our country is a land of rivers, canals, and ponds. All of those abound with fish. So, fishing provides many people with livelihood. These people are called a fisherman. They catch fish in rivers, canals, and ponds and sell them in the market. The fishermen have some fishing instruments of them. Net is the most common and important. Angling is another means of fishing. Many people of our country catch fish by angling in tanks, canals, and other watery places. Angling is a favorite hobby to many people of our country.