Flyover is a road or railway that is built over another. It allows both routes to cross smoothly. It is a modern engineering invention which is considered a solution to traffic jam. Usually, in the big, the number of vehicles is increasing every day. As a result, there occurs a huge traffic Jam as these existing roads cannot provide adequate space for all the vehicles. It is not possible to find out new Place to build new roads, either. For this reason, experts have thought about the construction of flyovers which may maintain smooth communication. In Dhaka city, we have some flyovers. We have Khilgaon flyover, Jatrabari flyover, Kuril flyover, Moghbazar flyover, etc. These flyovers have reduced our traffic jam significantly in some areas. But still, we need more flyovers in Dhaka city. Dhaka is a populous city. Traffic jam prevails everywhere and it disrupts our normal life. Our development work is largely hampered owing to traffic jam. To reduce it more flyovers are badly needed. We no more expect a city where people spend most of the time and in vehicles stuck up in traffic jams. We want to see a city where people can reach their destinations at the expected time. Flyovers also reduce the scope for a mass transit system and a bus rapid transit that would have a much bigger impact on the severe traffic dilemma. In the era of globalization and technological advancement, we cannot lag behind. Like other different countries of the world, we need more and more flyovers in order to have easy and Jam-free communication.