Format for Eid Greeting Email from Employer

Format for Eid Greeting Email from Employer


Dear Employees,


On behalf of administration/management I would like to inform you that on the occasion of Eid-Ul-(Adha/Fitar) all board of directors have forwarded Eid Greetings and best wishes to all employees. This event is of utmost importance for Muslim community, being Muslim everyone should celebrate and share happiness among others as well. Administration/Management has decided to provide an additional salary of employees/staff members as Eid Bonus.


We hope that this step will be a source to share the blessings of Eid among you all. Do not forget to look after the needy people at this precious time and prove yourself to be a useful and noble member of society.


Kindly, receive the cheques from Finance Departments.

Wishing you best of health and future!

Good luck Team.




(Company Name).