A Frightening Experience – an Open Speech

A Frightening Experience – an Open Speech

Malika spent a couple of hours getting dressed up in her finest dress, doing her hair, putting make-up on her face and finally coating her lips with bright red lipstick.

She then took her purse and went out. She was going to a grand party at the hotel ballroom. She knew that prominent and wealthy people would be at the party and she wanted to appear her best.

She walked down the road to where it would be easy to get a taxi and stood to wait for one. In a few minutes, she saw a vacant taxi and she flagged with her right hand. The taxi came to a halt by her side and Malika opened the rear passenger door and slid into the taxi. She told the driver her destination and settled back comfortably against the seat.

While the taxi drove on, Malika thought of the handsome and wealthy men that she would meet at the party and dreamed that she would meet her “Prince Charming” that night.

Suddenly, she noticed that the taxi was driving along a strange and deserted road that was nowhere near her destination. She leaned forward and asked the taxi driver where they were. The taxi driver turned his head and grinned at her. His eyes looked fierce and evil. Malika felt very frightened and pleaded with the taxi driver to stop. the man did not heed her cries and pleas and kept driving down the deserted road.

Malika knew that she had to save herself somehow. As a final and desperate measure, she threw open the door and flung herself out of the taxi. She landed on something hard and felt a sharp pain on her head. Then, she lost consciousness.

When she awoke, Malika found herself in a hospital bed. A young doctor was looking down at her. She was told that she was found unconscious by the side of a road that morning.

Luckily, Malika did not suffer any serious injuries.


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