Fruits of Bangladesh

Fruits of Bangladesh

Fruits are the gift of nature. It is eaten fresh, either ripe or young. Bangladesh abounds with a large variety of tropical and subtropical fruits. So many kinds of fruits grow in different seasons all over the country. Fruits are very beneficial for our health. They are easily available and reasonable in price.  Fruit-culture and fruit-eating can effectively lead to the promotion of our national health. Whatever may be their size, color and taste almost all of them are liked by the people.

Different fruits grow in Bangladesh round the year because of favorable climatic conditions. Fruit population of Bangladesh commonly includes more than two hundred species (Swift). The fruits are not only tasteful and delicious but also rich in food value. These are different in size, taste, and color. Some are big and some are small. Some taste sweet and some are sour. Again the fruits may be classified as summer fruits, winter fruits and fruits in all seasons. But whatever may be their size, taste and color, almost all of them are enriched with vitamins.

About 30 species of fruits are common in Bangladesh. Among them Mangoes, Bananas, Jack Fruits, Indian Jujube, Guava, etc. are the most common. It is the fruit of summer season. Mango is the most popular fruit in our country. It has about 3000 variety. The most popular varieties grown in the northern districts of Bangladesh. Some varieties like Fazli, Langra, Gopalbhog, Mohonbhog, Himsagar, etc. are famous for their taste and flavor. Jack Fruit is a composite fruit and grows all over the country. It is perhaps the largest fruit (up to 50kg.) in the world. The jackfruit is our national fruit. It is very big in size. It has Prickly skin and juicy sweet content. Banana grows almost everywhere in the country. Coconut grows abundantly in the southern and central parts of Bangladesh. It can be harvested all the year-round. Green coconut is a favorite drink. Ripe coconuts give us both food and oil. Some other common and popular fruits of Bangladesh are Black plum or BlackBerry, Sapodilla, Tamarind Orr), Palmyra palm, Monkey Jack, Indian Olive, Carambola or Star fruit, Flog plum, Star Apple, Crape Fruit, Burmese Crape, River Ebony, Velvet Apple, Wood Apple, Indian Apple, etc. There are some fruits that taste sour. Tamarind, star fruit and lemon are sour fruits. Fruits are a source of vitamins. So, we should try to grow more fruits in Bangladesh. At present, our Government has taken various steps to grow more fruits in all the district of Bangladesh.

Fig: Jack Fruits – our national fruit

Fruits play an important role in our life and economy. They are a great source of nutrition. Besides, thousands of people are engaged in fruit production and fruit selling. Many families in  Bangladesh grow various kinds of fruits, sell them in the market and earn a lot of money. Some fruits are also exported to foreign countries to earn money.  Fruits grow in plenty in Bangladesh but many fruits are rotten for want of proper care and processing systems. Govt. and different NGO’s have extended their helping hands to promote fruit production. Fruit-culture and fruit-eating can effectively lead to the promotion of national health as well as the national economy.