Garment Worker

Persons working in a garment factory are garments workers. An ordinary garments worker in our country leads very laborious life. His/her day starts very early in the morning and ends at about 10 p.m. He/she starts for working place at about 7 am. She/he is to pass a long way every day to reach the factory. She/he goes to the factory on foot. Sometimes on the way to the destination, she /he is teased with slang words from various corners. He/she is to tolerate all bad comments. In the factory, he/she works in a congested room. There is no seat to sit upon. She/he eats the poor lunch with her colleagues in the factory. Almost every day he/she takes his/her lunch from home. She/he is given a break for half an hour. Within this time she cannot take lunch from her house. She/he works in the factory for long hours till deep at night. She/he likes working in a factory rather than in a household. She/he is used to do overworking. Though he/she gets very poor salary, she/he expends it very wisely.

In Bangladesh, 3.5 million workers in 4,825 garment factories produce goods for export to the global market, principally Europe and North America. The Bangladeshi garment industry generates 80% of the country’s total export revenue. However, the wealth generated by this sector has led to few improvements in the lives of garment workers, 85% of whom are women. She/he leads very simple life. In a word, a major portion of national income depends upon his/her hard work. So he/she should have better opportunities in the factory and society to led better life.