Give Advice To Subordinates

Write a letter to Give Advice to Subordinates.

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Date: 00 Month: …. Year: 0000

Receiver’s Name:

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Dear XYZ,

You have asked for my advice regarding the conflict and misunderstanding between you and Mr./Mrs. ……(Name). Differences in personality can create very strained relations in an office. I realize that you have tried to discuss your differences with him/her, without success.

I appreciate your concern and your efforts to resolve the problem. I plan to meet with Mr./Mrs. ……..(Name) this week to discuss the situation. Then, if I consider it appropriate, I will arrange a time when the three of us can get together, clear the air, and find a way for everyone to be able to work together.

Again, I want to express appreciation for your concern and your desire to establish a more congenial relationship. I will speak to you further about the matter after Mr./Mrs. …..(Name) and I have met.

Your Sincerely