All That Glitters Is Not Gold

A thing cannot become as precious as gold only by way of glittering. People in general, are charmed and attracted by the outward show of things and not by their own merits. This world is full of imaginary things or people who are covered by some artificial accessories. Each and every person is affected by the glamorous world of the entertainment industry where people’s job is to look good and attractive in front of others, whether they are not well or disturbed at the physical or mental levels. Thus we say that “All that glitters is not gold”. Gold is bright yellow metal and it shines brightly. However, there are many things which shine bright, but they are not gold. They glitter for some time and fade in the course of time. They fascinate our eyes too. But their beauty and glamour do not last long. Similarly, a thing may look bright and beautiful, but it may not be valuable. We should not judge a thing by its outward appearance; we should examine the thing carefully and find out if it has any real value. The real value of a thing does not lie in its appearances are sometimes deceptive. A person may wear fine dress, his appearance may be beautiful, but in reality he may be very bad person. Again, a man’s dress may not be good; his appearance may be ugly, but such a man may process real qualities at head and heart. But gold is such a metal that it can stand the wear and tear of time and shine till the last moment outs existence. In our society, there are so many people who are outwardly very gentle and nice. But after a period of time their real identity is revealed. They do not have intrinsic value and morality. A genuine thing always remains the same and never be showy. So all that glitters is not gold. Thus, a man should be judged by his inner qualities and his deeds. A man should never be judged by his outward appearance and his words. ‘One may smirk and be a villain’. So, an attractive exterior may be false. The proverb tells us that we should develop the habit of forming a correct judgment and study things carefully and minutely so that we may not be deceived by outward appearances.

A person should always be judged by his nature and character, his quality or honesty not by only the outer beauty. If we just consider his outer look and persona by avoiding inner excellence then we must be proved stupid and foolish in front of all. Simple living high thinking is always the best policy for living a better life. We all get influenced by the outer beauty of any living or nonliving thing that existed in this world, but it’s our intelligence that how we judge and appreciate someone along with measuring the inner quality too.