Good Governance

Good governance means a good rule. It is a pre-requisite for all kinds of developments of our country. A country cannot reach its cherished goals, achieve its success and solve its multifarious problems for want of good governance. It is a must for any nation-any country. It helps the full nourishment of a country. It helps a country to go forward with its development programs. It contributes most to the all-round development of a country. Good governance depends on some factors. The factors are enlightened people, the practice of true ideal of democracy, transparency, and accountability, a good electoral system, honesty, etc. First of all the people who will be at the helm of power must be enlightened. They must be free from any kind of evil. They must be true democrats. They will cultivate the true ideal of democracy. They must keep in mind that they are working for the welfare of the country and the countrymen. The state administration system should be transparent so that even an ignorant rural man or woman can know the ins and outs of the administration. Good Governance training is a critical part of what Creative Learning does through its International Peace & Security Institute (IPSI) and Global Education Initiatives (GEI) divisions. IPSI regularly teaches courses on Good Governance and related topics through its Practitioner Intensives, as well as through its International Symposiums that bring together expert practitioners and academics from around the world. GEI regularly hosts individuals from other countries to learn about Good Governance and Federalism through their custom-tailored Student Education and Practitioner Education programs.

Good governance cannot be thought of without accountability. The enlightened people who will be entrusted with the onerous duty of running the administration of the country must be responsible to account to the people for their activities. In this way, there are many factors which shape and design to form good governance for the welfare of a country and its countrymen.