How to Address People in Public?

How to Address People in Public?

According to recent research, almost 80% of us suffer from speech anxiety, which makes the fear of public speaking one of the most common phobias that exist.  Public speaking concerns can range from a generalized worry over not being prepared to being downright terrified before stepping on stage. Public speaking is something many people are afraid of and that fear even has a name—glossophobia. You may even want to exercise the morning of your speech to help diffuse your nervousness and excess energy.

Planning ahead is key to making yourself seem calm and qualified in front of your audience. First depending on the time of day you say good morning or afternoon or evening”. While the content of what you say is extremely important, the content needs to be delivered in a way that’s tangible and sounds smart. Never, ever lie to an audience. I’m sure you have too much self-worth and integrity to do it intentionally, but it’s easy to do so accidentally.

Then you start by saying why you are here give a brief point. This is your introduction. Next, you go into your speech, which is your second paragraph. This would go into more detail as to why you are making a speech. The next would be your next paragraph with a different point this step would continue in till you have made your points clear. The key to speaking in front of large groups of people is to be prepared.

Second, from last you would say benefits or problems solved and so on till they are made clear. Be confident about every single statement that you’re making. If your speaking engagement is a timed event, make sure your speech is within the limits. Speak strongly and clearly so people can hear you. That’s why they’re showing up.

Finally, you would thank the audience for their time and say “goodbye.”

Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Facial Expressions and Gestures: The importance of using the right gestures and facial expressions when making a speech.
  • Speech Delivery Basics: Useful tips on how to deliver a speech effectively and with confidence.