How to deal with stress – an Open Speech

Have you ever felt stressed? Well, you are not alone, as every person in the world has to face stress at one time or another. Since stress is a part of life, it is essential to learn how to deal with it. Here are some strategies for dealing with stress and pressure.

Most of the time, stress is a result of feeling overwhelmed. To get rid of this feeling, keep yourself organized. For example, you could keep a daily organizer and plan your activities. Get your priorities straight and focus on things that are really important. Do not get caught up in minor issues that only create additional work for you. Break tasks down into manageable bits and tackle them one by one or step by step. Proper planning also helps you avoid the stress of doing things at the eleventh hour.

Besides that, taking time to relax can help you ease stress. Doing things that you like such as listening to music, taking a walk, or reading a book can take your mind off things that bother you. Even doing nothing at all can be beneficial. After a short break, you will feel refreshed and more able to tackle a problem or a piece of work. Of course, make sure that taking a break is not an excuse for putting off your work. This would only cause you more stress when you have to rush to finish your work in the end.

Finally, do not set such high standards for yourself and others that it leads to dissatisfaction and pressure. If you aim for perfection all the time, you will end up frustrated and stressed out. Learn to slow down, let go and look at the positive side of things. If you are too uptight about something, you will not be able to think clearly and make good decisions. In addition, you could hurt the people around you. Focus on what has already been done and what is good. Then, negative stressful feelings will disappear.

In conclusion, stress may be unavoidable but it need not make life miserable for you. There are many ways to reduce and deal with stress such as the three strategies shared here. Life gets better once the stress is controlled.