Humanity Week events – an Open Speech

As part of Humanity Week, events are held in school so that students can learn to get along with each other. As Head Prefect, you have been asked to give a talk on creating goodwill among the students.

Good morning to the principal, teachers, and friends. This is Humanity Week, a week when we should remember the importance of human values and good human relationships. We need people around us. We need to remember to appreciate them and enjoy their presence in our lives.

It is very important that we always look for the good in people. There are some people who may come across as unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them if they are so. Forget their weaknesses. Be kind to them. Be their friends.

There are lots of unpleasant stories you will hear or read about. Choose to ignore them. Make sure you find the facts about the stories before you believe them. They may be stories spread by unkind people. Don’t listen to everything you are told. Do not spread such stories yourself. It is unfair to people who cannot defend themselves.

Look for occasions to help others as there are always people who need help. Be helpful to your own family first, and then be kind to your relatives and friends. Sometimes you may get the chance to help total strangers, please take it. Helping people means going out of your way, losing sleep or rest, and sometimes even giving money. When the need arises, please help. We cannot be calculating our gains in this matter. Our duty must be to help others.

Be always good and sincere in everything you do. You will build good relationships and enjoy the friendship of other good people too. Not everyone we meet will be good but that must not stop us from being good ourselves.

Live a good life always. Have strong moral values and don’t be tempted by more money or power. If you work hard honestly, you will be successful and do well in life. Enjoy the privileges that come with success. You deserve them. By setting high standards of good behavior you will be an example to others.

Dear friends, do your best always. If all of us try our best to be good human beings, remember the world will be a better place. Don’t we want that?

Thank you, everyone.